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Divorce in Singapore – Process and Requirements for a Smooth Separation

In a marriage, both partners are expected to be loving, caring, and loyal to each other. But when things become overwhelmingly unbearable for a couple, they often choose to split up as a solution. In this regard, every country has some laws that divorcing couples have to obey. Same way, those filing a case for divorce in Singapore has to fulfil certain requirements and go through a process.

Some of the common reasons for a couple to think about separation are unfair behaviour and an extra-marital affair. Desertion and living apart for a long time are also among the reasons that result in a split.

If you have any such reason and need to end your married life, the following sections will help you understand the process.

Requirements as per law

Before you go for any step towards getting a divorce, you have to meet some requirements set by law, i.e.;

1. You should be in a marriage relationship for at least 3 years

As a general rule, when you are separating by a mutual understanding, you must be married for three years. However, there can be special cases when it becomes hard to be in a relationship. In such situations, you can get a divorce even if it has not been three years of your marriage.

2. Irretrievable breakdown

When you are married for less than three years, and still want a divorce, you have to prove irretrievable breakdown. In this situation, you must show one of the 4 legally-defined reasons for the separation. They are;

Adultery: This you have to prove with solid evidence. You can take help of a professional investigator or a law firm in Singapore.

Unfair treatment by your spouse: For example violence, indulgence in illegal activities, unfair restrictions, and keeping partner deprived of sex are among many reasons for divorce

Desertion: If your partner has left you for more than 2 years and is showing no intention for living together, you can ask for a divorce.

Separation – in which you and your spouse are living apart for more than 4 years consecutively.

3. Divorce in Singapore

If you are commencing divorce in Singapore, either you or your spouse must be living here for at least three years. You may also proceed for the same if either of you has a permanent residence in Singapore at the time of filing a divorce request.

Things to consider for a smooth divorce process

A divorce is an unexpected event brings huge mental stress. It not only disturbs your personal life but also your professional life. In this regard, considering the things mentioned below will be of great help.

1. Avoid indulging in heated arguments with your spouse in front of your kids. They will feel discomfort during the divorce process but will get used to the situation gradually after the split.

2. You can take the help of a psychologist and get emotional support for yourself and your children. It will help you stay calm during the process and get ready for the next phase of your life.

3. Keep yourself physically and mentally fit and healthy. Physical activities will help you stay stronger and friends and family members will help you avoid stress and stay calm.

4. While you are determined for the separation, talk firmly with your partner to ensure a smooth process.

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