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There are several prerequisites you must fulfil before you can apply for divorce in Singapore.

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Seeking a Divorce in Singapore? We want to prepare you for a smooth procedure and favourable outcome.

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Want money back from a company? Before you proceed, let us advise you on your available options.


Let us help you get relief and protection from your debts.

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We can guide you through the procedures to wind up / liquidate your company.

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Want to change your company structure, be it financial or operational? Give us a call.

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Faced an accusation as a criminal? Let an expert guide you through the chaos and confusion ahead.

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Our law firm is all about litigation. We provide customized solutions for all your civil/ corporate law matters.


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Abdul Wahab

Wahab is a lawyer based in Singapore at A.W. Law LLC. He graduated from the University of Leeds in 2013 and was admitted to the Singapore Bar in 2015. He strongly believes that legal services are an entitlement that everyone should have access to. He is a patient listener who is dedicated to ensuring a favourable outcome for his clients. His focus is on general litigation and dispute resolution.

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