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Thinking About Divorce?

Let The Legal Help You Need That Saves You Time, Effort And Money In Your Divorce Proceedings. While Getting The Justice You Want.

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Divorces can be a difficult and emotionally draining process. However, it need not be complicated.

Here at A.W Law LLC, we can ease your burden and provide you with proper legal advice and representation to get through this trying issue.

General requirements for civil divorces

There are several prerequisites you must fulfil before you can apply for divorce in Singapore.


First of all, you or your spouse must be a citizen of permanent resident of the country. If not, either of you should be living in Singapore for at least 3 years before the divorce proceedings can be started.

At least 3 years of marriage

Another important requirement you have to fulfil before you can go further in the legal process of ending your marriage is that you should have completed at least 3 years of your married life. Unless you meet the special criteria listed further down.

The two (2) stages to the Civil Divorce Procedure:


Ending the marriage


The ancillary matters

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Special Criteria For Divorce?

The applicant can get an exemption from the requirement of 3 years of married life in certain circumstances. i.e.;

Exceptional hardship

One of the common grounds for ending a marriage is exceptional hardship. In this case, the person has to prove that he/she is not able to continue the married life due to intolerable circumstances like cruelty or unjust behaviour. The court may allow you to proceed for the divorce considering this reason even if you have not completed 3 years of your married life.

Irretrievable breakdown

Apart from the prerequisites and requirements, there can be some other grounds on which you can apply for the divorce. They are called irretrievable breakdown and includes adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion, and separation.

How We Can Help With Your Divorce

Our divorce firm have been providing legal services in Singapore for years.

Our expert team of civil divorce attorneys are experienced and committed to providing the best guidance to our clients leading to the most desirable outcomes.

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“Mr Wahab, have helped me in every of my cases from Civil to divorce. Always answer to my queries and assist me on how to proceed further, every step of the way.

He knows what he is doing and ensured everything is at my favour.

I am glad to have him as my lawyer. He have help both me and kids in getting what we deserved.

His fees are reasonable and payment plans which doesn’t burden his client. I am very thankful for having him and his team!”

– Roze, 14 January 2020, SLA

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