Category: Criminal Law

Violent Crimes
Provide defense for charges involving physical violence.
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Theft and Property Crimes
Represent clients accused of theft or property-related offenses.
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Drug Offenses
Defend against charges of illegal drug possession or trafficking.
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Juvenile Offenses
Defend minors charged with criminal activities.
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Assault and Battery
Represent individuals accused of assault or battery.
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White-Collar Crimes
Defend against financial crimes like fraud and embezzlement.
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Traffic Violations
Contest traffic tickets and serious driving offenses.
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Domestic Violence Defense
Represent clients accused of domestic violence.
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Defend against charges of internet and technology-related crimes.
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Fraud and Financial Crimes
Provide defense for allegations of fraud or financial wrongdoing.
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Bail Applications
Secure bail for individuals awaiting trial.
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Organized Crime Defense
Defend against charges involving organized criminal activities.
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Homicide Defense
Provide defense for individuals charged with murder or manslaughter.
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Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief
Assist with appeals and seeking relief after a conviction.
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Sexual Offenses
Defend individuals against charges of sexual misconduct.
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Extradition Defense
Represent individuals facing extradition to another country.
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Public Order Offenses
Defend against charges related to public disorder.
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Criminal Investigation Defense
Assist individuals under criminal investigation.
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Weapons Offenses
Represent clients accused of illegal possession or use of weapons.
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