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Divorce can be one of the most challenging decisions in life, but with A.W. Law LLC, you don't have to face it alone.
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Are you feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage?

You may be experiencing:

Concerns about your children after divorce

Fear of the complexity of the divorce process

Feeling stressed and anxious about divorce

Confusion regarding legal rights  and costs

Living in an unhappy marriage affects every aspect of your life.
These challenges can make you feel overwhelmed and unsure about the best path forward. You need a trusted partner who understands your situation and can provide the support and expertise you need to move forward with confidence.

Our Divorce Service Includes:

Process of Filing for Divorce in Singapore

Navigate the process of filing for divorce with ease, guided by our expert lawyers.

Child Custody and Rights in Divorce

Get expert advice on child custody and visitation rights to protect your children's welfare.

Division of Assets and Liabilities in a Divorce

Ensure a fair division of assets and liabilities to secure your financial future.

Legal Grounds for Divorce in Singapore

Understand the legal grounds for divorce and how they apply to your situation.

Maintenance and Spousal Support in a Divorce

Learn about maintenance and spousal support to maintain your financial stability post-divorce.

Counseling Services for Divorcing Couples

Benefit from mediation and counseling services to resolve issues amicably.

Understand how divorce impacts Property Ownership

Understand how divorce impacts housing and property ownership and make informed decisions.

Tax Implications of getting a Divorce in Singapore

Get clarity on the tax implications of divorce to manage your finances better.

Support Networks for Individuals Going Through a Divorce

Connect with support networks to help you through the divorce process.

A.W. Law LLC
Your Trusted Partner for Divorce in Singapore

At A.W. Law LLC, we specialize in guiding individuals through the divorce process with compassion and professionalism. Our team of experienced family law attorneys is committed to helping you achieve a successful and smooth divorce, ensuring your rights are protected and your future is secure.

90% Success Rate
For Contested Divorce

Achieve a successful stress-free divorce

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Join our satisfied clients who appreciate our clear and upfront pricing.

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Divorce Reviews

Over 100+ positive reviews on SingaporeLegalAdvice.com.

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Understanding your legal rights is necessary in a divorce. Our experienced lawyers will provide you with the legal protection you need, ensuring that your interests are priority throughout the process.
90% success rate for contested divorces.
Achieve a successful divorce with our 90% success rate for contested divorces.
Online Consultation Available
Convenient online consultation available for your divorce needs.
200+ Total Positive Reviews
Experience peace of mind with over 200+ positive reviews on both Google Profile and SingaporeLegalAdvice.com
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Join our satisfied family law clients with transparent starting fees.

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Miss Leela did a wonderful job in helping us with our administrations issue. She was knowledgeable, swift and very meticulous in handling our request. A rare gem.


I recently went through a rough divorce proceeding. Mr Wahab and his dedicated staff were very thorough in helping me with my divorce case. He is a very dedicated lawyer who showed professional ethics with calm and confidence. I would not hesitate to refer his services to any of my friends who need help. Thank you, Mr Wahab n to your dedicated staff as well.


Was great working with Mr Wahab and his team. He managed to come out with a solution to my matter. Everything went smooth and kudos to his team! Thank you

Fissy09 04/07/2024

First time engaging a law firm and AW law had to be best decision we made. As scary and worrying as it was, Mr Wahab ensured we were comfortable and gave us the confidence that we will be well taken care of. He understood our financial situation and was extremely flexible with payment terms. Never once pushed us in any way.Ms Leela, liased with us throughout the entire process and ensure things moved extremely smooth for us. She was always available answering our doubts, she went above and beyond to ensure our questions were answered.At the end as Mr Wahab promised, the team delivered and I’m very thankful.AWLaw - epitome of customer service


I would like to compliment mr wahab and the team for helping me with my case.. they help me through every step and advise me on wat to do next... Thank you so much


Choosing A.W.Law LLC was the best decision I made for my legal needs. From start to finish, their team, especially their team lead, Miss Leela, demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and expertise. They took the time to understand my situation thoroughly and provided clear, concise guidance throughout the process. Their attention to detail and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for their clients truly sets them apart. I couldn't be happier with the results they achieved for me. I highly recommend Mr Abdul Wahab to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation.




I was looking for a lawyer that specializes in contract and lucky to have found Mr. Wahab. Happy with the service provided.


Mr Wahab handled my case promptly and efficiently. My case went smoothly and his assistant was efficient too. They calmed me down and make sure I am okay and agree to proceed. I deeply appreciates and happy with the service provided.

lee kk 15/03/2024

Responsive and was willing to explain my options. Highly recommend.


I had very good experience with A.W. LLC. All the staffs there were very professional friendly and helpful. They were able to help me settle my case nicely. They can give professional advice well :) very well recommended :)

Ms Jessica 04/03/2024

Mr Wahab is very professional & his work has met my expectations as a client. He is understanding & has a team of dedicated workers under his charge.


Mr Wahab is professional and willing to support. I found him on line search with many good reviews and he is very good experienced lawyer. My problem is lanlord not return my 2 months deposit. Mr Wahab can give a few times meet, explained and helped me "letter of demand" as my requirement. I'm satisfied and highly recommend him.

Toe Lin 06/02/2024

Thank you A.W Law LLC. To Mr Abd Wahab who has my highest respect, to Mr Hasif and Ms Leela for the good work you did for my case. For the patience, understanding and professionalism while we had some internal delays by the Shariah Court that is unavoidable. Job well done thank you.


A.W.Law LLC is a great law firm with high efficiency and good service. I would like to give special praise to Khor. He is very responsible and patient. Thank you very much for his translation and explanation~👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Just settled my case and was very satisfied with all of their staffs in Chinatown point office. They are all very friendly and nice people. They are experienced and know what they are doing. They handled my case well and proven results. Their Chinatown Point office has a family vibe which when you go in you will have very nice feeling. Would recommend any of my friends in any case they needed to consult lawyer.

Cok Ter 25/10/2023

Only my 2nd Google review. I feel its worth my time writing for them one. Had a hearing with FJC on 20 July 2023.On my 1st ever consultation with Mr Abdul Wahab, I feel I can vibe with him as he understands my family dynamics, was non-judgemental (compared to other law firms I visited) n walked me through the gameplan. I can also feel his sincerity.On the day of hearing, Mr Abdul Wahab has a calm demeanour; beaming with confidence. He constantly assured me that things are going to be fine. We stuck to the gameplan (executed smoothly; largely orchestrated by Mr Hasif) and most importantly - the hearing concluded with me attaining the desired outcome.Basically Mr Hasif and Mr James were the brains in my case (really appreciative of their hours of preparation works; leaving no stones unturned).Their Chinatown Point office has a family vibe and staff like Ms Pari and Ms Nikki Koh were cordial towards me.

Muhammad 09/08/2023

I am forever grateful for the services that my lawyer, Narendra, provided on my behalf! I strongly recommend that individuals, with any type of legal concern, consult A.W. Law LLC.Long story, short. I"m an expat, so obviously I am clueless about tenancy rights in Singapore. I knew, without a shadow of doubt, that my landlord was violating my Tenancy Agreement. I just had no way to prove this; therefore, I needed representation from a lawyer urgently. My issue was time sensitive and I had less than 30 days to take legal action. I’d called a plethora of law firms and many of them either said: that my issue wasn’t worth the fees that I would incur, not enough time, outrageously expensive, or didn’t respond in a timely manner. Of all the law firms that I'd called on a lone Friday, only A.W. Law LLC assured me that my dispute was valid, I had enough time, and my dispute was overwhelmingly in my favor. Narendra, Pari, and the team worked tirelessly and went above and beyond to meet my needs during the entire process. For example, they maintained contact with me after office hours, staying very late, working on the weekends, and so forth.All in all, my dispute (complaint) ended in my favor as a tenant, which is extremely rare because in cases involving landlord-tenant disputes, the landlord almost always wins.Again, a much heartfelt thank you to Narendra and the rest of the team at A.W. Law LLC!

Rachel S 09/08/2023

I would like to thank Mr Wahab for being so kind as to take on our case. Thank you so much


I would like to compliment Mr Abdul Wahab & Team for their endless efforts and dedication handling my case.He ensure that every important supporting documents is ready in every mediation.Giving all his full support and guidance for a smooth trial.Thank you for walking with me towards this matter and looking forward to settle all this smoothly.

Al. Rashid 27/04/2023

I wouldn’t thank them enough for my case. Mr Wahab, Mr Hasif and Leela. I would certainly recommend them to others, they are funny, helpful and professional. An amazing team and appreciate their time and effort for my case 😊


I would like to thank Mr Wahab for being so kind as to take on our case. Together with his team, they were very accommodating and took the time to explain to us the process of how our matter would go about.This is very important for us knowing that it was our first time in this situation and having them do that helped us in our understanding and ease our worries.Throughout the process, we have been communicating with Ms Leela who has done an excellent job by constantly updating us on our matters and kindly taking the time explaining things as they come along especially when we do not understand things. She always assures us that our matter is moving forward and there nothing to worry about.Overall, even though our matter took longer than expected, we are pleased with the service that Mr Wahab and his team has offered to us and will definitely liaise with you again in the future if we ever come across matters that require legal aid.


I felt comforted by his sincerity of wanting to help me. I was feeling mess up when I read the laws and trying to figure out about my case, Mr Wahab calmed me down. He was very nice by trying to lower the cost of helping me to draft the charges, although after discussing with my friend, I felt that I still couldn't afford but I would greatly recommend Mr Wahub's services due to how he communicate with me with sincerity and warming kindness. I felt that, when Mr Wahub talk to me, he is very humble, as compared to some other lawyers that I have consulted that had angered me. During the consultation, I felt that Mr Wahub could understand me , he heard my cry, felt my pain for my case.

feliciatqh 09/11/2022

A.W. Law LLC had provided a very professionalism and friendly service for my adoption matters.

noor rahim 23/09/2022

Great service and very professional. Trustable. With the service, I don't need to worry much. Highly recommended.


I am very thankful for Mr Hasif and his team for helping out with my case. They are very understanding and patient throughout the preparation journey.


I am honoured and appreciate the legal aide and introduce this legal firm AW LAW LLC to help me during my financial difficulties and my medical condition. The MD of the AW Law LLC and his assistant MR HASIF include his entire organisation have provide me the best assistance until my divorce matter is resolve in the best amicably with their sincerely and passionate. Once again I like to said thank you very much and appreciated for all the effort to help me wish you all the best Regard Abdul Manan Mohd Nasir

AM NASMAR 19/05/2022

I got over to Mr.Wahab after not moving in the right directions with the first lawyer I engaged for the PPO application against my spouse. Mr.Wahab took up my case and his approach was both sensitive and sensible given that fact that the whole matter had a family at stake. I eventually managed to serve my spouse with a PPO and have her drop the PPO application she served for the children. He also understood the sentiments and predicaments of a father and spoke up for me in the form legal letters to the other firm.I thank him for helping me in one of the most difficult phases in my life.

Siva Kumar 30/03/2022

In all honesty, this IS THE Law Firm for you to help your case whatever it may be.Mr Wahab, Ms Leela, Mr Azmil, Ms Pari, Mr Hasif, Ms Alicia and the whole team not only put in high dedication and outstanding professionalism to each and every case that comes their way, but do so with heart, sympathy, empathy and passion.There are not enough words to express my eternal gratitude to the team. Their passive-aggressive take on how to go into any situation that arises is specifically what convinced me that this is the right team to handle my case.Mr Wahab himself personally keeps me calm and positive during any and every stressful, difficult and unexpected situation that we encountered, with his words of wisdom and plan on how he will respond to each and every matter at hand if it was him in my shoes.Miss Leela has been a great pillar of assistance in all my matters going above and beyond to help me and clarify any and all doubts I had along the way.Miss Pari is an exceptional paralegal who goes above and beyond to ensure all legal matters are efficiently and effectively addressed.Each member of the team were amazingly so amiable, cordial, understanding, sympathetic and knowledgeable on how to accommodate and assist me in my time of need.To each and everyone on the team, I know my words don't mean much but, honestly and sincerely; THANK YOU. I did not regret a single minute of the case knowing you guys had my back and were there to support me every step of the way.

Froz Fina 22/03/2022

Very professional.


I engaged Mr Wahab for his services for my case. He settled it without any hassle and his advices really help me through all difficulties. He is very confident in his ability which instantly create a trust in him handling my cases. I would recommend anyone to go to him should they need any law advices and services. He is very understanding lawyer and will go an extra miles for all his clients. I will certainly go back to him should i need any help with law services.

Yolo Ayed 08/02/2022

I only expected one thing from AW Law, and that is to be worry free during the process..And that's exactly how it was.. My case was well managed and executed.. well done AW Law... 👏🏽


We engaged Mr Wahab's legal service to settle a property-related case. Mr Wahab was sincere and efficient throughout the process. We are pleased that the case was closed within a week. Thank you, Mr. Wahab and team.

Daphne Yip 29/01/2022

I would like to express my profound appreciation for representing me and spending a great amount of time and effort on my issues. Thanks once again to Chris, Lila & Mr Wahab for your expertise in resolving my case.

LiAh 26/01/2022

Recently I have used A.W. Law LLC services for HDB poa, my special thanks to Ms Pari. She is very efficient, polite and helpful. Answered all my questions professionally. I highly recommend this firm for all legal services.

Sim Nancy 22/01/2022

The professional help and advise placing client's needs and interest at their ❤️ heart was very much appreciated. The prompt and responsive support to questions and ensuring after service was great, special thanks to Mdm Pari.

kai k 14/12/2021

Hi Mr WahabI would like to thank you and all your staff for the great effort that was put in for me. Your efficiency and services are very professional. It wasn’t any regret hiring you as my lawyer even though my case was a complicated one. From the bottom of my heart, once again thank you so much.Sincere Thanks Noor Ain

Noor Ain 29/11/2021

Thankful to my lawyer Mr Wahab and Mr Hasif. They work my litigation case with high dedication and professionalism. They has given me a very clear and helpful advice on my cases since the beginning. I can feel that they genuinely care about my best interest and justice. Besides his excellent works, Mr Wahab is also a lawyer with outstanding personality. During stressful and difficult, long litigation progress, his kindness and human touch comfort me. Truly satisfied with Mr Wahab’s service and works.


A.W Law has act professionally throughout my case. I am very satisfied with the services and guidance shown by Lawyers Abdul Wahab and Hasif. They are among the best lawyers. Well done.


Very prompt in answering queries and responding. Provide clear guidance and explanations. Thank you Mr Wahab and your team for everything. Appreciate the patience and assistance you and your team had rendered to me.. You guys are truly dedicated.Thank you!


Mr. Wahab and his assistant Leela has been accommodating towards me from the beginning. They have empathy and helped me with any questions I had. They assured me with each step taken and I am truly thankful for all their assistance and advice. Everything went smoothly and the results were satisfactory. I am truly pleased and will recommend their services to my friends and anyone out there!

W 11/09/2021

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Mr Wahab for all your patience and hard work you did on my behalf.. Thank you for all the advice and informing me of the best option to take in resolving my problem. Lastly I would like to thank each and everyone at AW Law for helping...


They are highly knowledgeable, professional and very client service focused. Mr Wahab even dealt with me well when I got emotional. Mr Wahab and Mr Hasif helped me fully understand the process, what my likely outcome were. Ms Leela always responded to me in a timely manner. Nothing was missed on the documentation that would cause a delay.She was always on top of emails and other communication. :)


Especially to u and your team. Appreciated for your effort. We are able to be united as a family again. You are a man of your words. You are the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for being tactful too!


Mr Wahab, Mr Hasif & Leela has been a great help with my case and also my appeal case.. Engaging them was no regret as they make me feel comfortable and assuring me everything will b fine.. Thank you once again.


For SMEs, we often face difficulties when our clients delay payments when the payments are due. Despite constant efforts chasing them, we sometimes face setbacks. We approached A.W. Law LLC multiple times and they have been exceptionally professional and breakdown the entire process immaculately. The whole process was smooth and they explained all details throughly and even made sure dateline are met. The staffs over at the firm are friendly and approached the entire situation with professionalism with helping people in their mind. I highly recommend A.W. Law LLC for all legal advice.


Mr abdul wahab and Miss leela thank you for settling my sister's matter. Thank you.

A.W. LAW LLC is ready for your Divorce Needs

Abdul Wahab
Managing Director
10+ Years Of Experience

Meet The Lawyer

Abdul Wahab

Wahab is a lawyer based in Singapore at A.W. Law LLC. He graduated from the University of Leeds in 2013 and was admitted to the Singapore Bar in 2015. Wahab strongly believes that legal services are an entitlement that everyone should have access to.

He is a patient listener dedicated to ensuring a favorable outcome for his clients. With a focus on general litigation, dispute resolution, and divorce services.

Wahab provides comprehensive legal support. His expertise in divorce law ensures that clients receive the guidance and representation they need to navigate the complexities of divorce proceedings and achieve a successful resolution.

Backed by over 100+ positive reviews on

Frequently Asked Questions For Divorce

1. What are the legal grounds for divorce in Singapore?

In Singapore, you can file for divorce on the basis of "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage." This can be proven through several ways, such as:

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable behavior
  • Desertion for at least two years
  • Separation for three years (with mutual consent)
  • Separation for four years (without mutual consent)
2. How long does it take to get a divorce in Singapore?

The duration of a divorce process depends on whether the divorce is contested or uncontested. An uncontested divorce, where both parties agree on all terms, can take about four to six months. A contested divorce, where there are disagreements, can take much longer, sometimes up to a year or more.

3. What is the process of filing for divorce in Singapore?

The divorce process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Filing a Writ for Divorce, Statement of Claim, and Statement of Particulars.
  2. Serving the documents to your spouse.
  3. Attending a court hearing.
  4. Obtaining an Interim Judgment.
  5. Finalizing the divorce with a Certificate of Final Judgment after three months.
4. How is property divided in a divorce?

Property division is based on what is fair and just. The court considers various factors, including:

  • Contributions made by both parties (financial and non-financial)
  • The needs of the children (if any)
  • The length of the marriage
  • Any agreements made between the parties
5. What about child custody and visitation rights?

Child custody arrangements focus on the best interests of the child. There are different types of custody:

  • Sole custody: One parent has the authority to make major decisions for the child.
  • Joint custody: Both parents share the authority to make major decisions.
  • Care and control: One parent lives with and makes daily decisions for the child, while the other has visitation rights.
6. Will I have to pay alimony or spousal support?

Alimony, or spousal support, is determined based on various factors, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The financial standing of both parties
  • Contributions made by both parties during the marriage
  • The standard of living during the marriage
7. Are there mediation and counseling services available?

Yes, mediation and counseling services are available to help couples resolve disputes amicably. These services can be helpful in reaching agreements on child custody, property division, and other issues without going to court.

8. What are the tax implications of divorce in Singapore?

Divorce can affect your taxes, especially regarding property transfers and alimony payments. It is advisable to seek legal and financial advice to understand the specific tax implications for your situation.

9. How does divorce affect housing and property ownership?

Divorce can impact housing arrangements, especially if the property is jointly owned. The court will consider various factors to determine how the property should be divided or whether one party should buy out the other’s share.

10. How can I cope with the psychological and emotional effects of divorce?
Divorce can be emotionally challenging. It is important to seek support from friends, family, or professional counselors. Many support networks and counseling services in Singapore can help you navigate this difficult time.
11. What should I do to get started with my divorce?

To get started, contact a reputable divorce lawyer in Singapore. At A.W. Law LLC, we offer a free 10-minute discovery call session to discuss your situation and provide initial guidance. You can reach us via phone, WhatsApp, or email.

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